Nutritious & Delicious

Zeapure Shake Mix for Kids and Smoothie Kick for Teens are specially formulated to give a tasty nutrition boost when kids need a little more nourishment. Made with natural ingredients, no added sugar or sweeteners and 100% gluten free, Zeapure has the natural goodness of premium dairy, with essential vitamins and minerals. Developed by a team of passionate parents and leading nutritionists, it’s made right here in New Zealand, in three flavours your kids will love – Chocolate, Vanilla and Berry.

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Shakes & Smoothies

Zeapure smuggles in the good stuff when your kids need it! Shake Mix for Kids provides Omega 3 and 17 vitamins and minerals, in Choc and Vanilla flavours. Smoothie Kick for Teens has 11g of protein, plus 15 vitamins and minerals, in every serve of tasty Berry and Vanilla.

Mixed with milk or water, or to boost a favourite smoothie recipe they provide a little bit extra that can make a big difference. Each 375g tub has over 12 serves, making Zeapure affordable as well as healthy.

Great Nutrition

We understand the importance of great nutrition and know that a diet based on whole and less-processed foods is best. But small appetites, food dislikes, busy lives and dietary restrictions can get in the way. When the need is there, Zeapure Shake Mix and Smoothie Kick are ideal for growing bodies and minds.

We also know that children’s ideas around healthy eating and snacking are very different to their parent’s. Changing habits can take time and to fill that gap, Zeapure’s a great choice your kids will love. Our shakes and smoothies aren’t just good for them, they’re yummy!

See Zeapure nutritional information for Kids Shake Mix here and Teen Smoothie Kick here.

Our Story

As parents ourselves, we know all about the challenges of getting kids and teens to consistently eat nutritious food. So, we set out to create a top-up for kids and teens that provides essential nourishment and tastes great!

Our core business is nutrition: the exacting standards and high care we put behind every pack of Zeapure are a reflection of our infant formula pedigree. When we say “nothing but goodness”, we mean it.

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