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  • Camille
    Great Product!

    So far, so good! Really enjoying this in smoothies at the moment. We love that it is a clean product with no added sugars and fillers. Will definitely look at purchasing more tin's when we run out.

  • Monique Wiles 
    It is perfect!

    My Miss 15 tried the Zeapure Vanilla Smoothie supplement this morning. She found it easy to follow the instructions and mix in a blender. It was ‘smooth and creamy’ but also a little ‘ powdery’. Interesting flavour she said and mixed some fresh strawberries in for a little colour and variety. I would be happy to purchase this for my teens as it’s packed with vitamins, minerals essential for teens, more exciting and user-friendly than taking multivitamins and she doesn’t swallow tabs anyway. Great protein boost for my sporty teens and to make sure there are no ‘ missed’ breakfasts as it’s quick, easy and an attractive, filling alternative when in a hurry or for extra snacks when needed after activity bursts.

  • Taylor-made-1 
    Love it!

    The 13 year old loved the taste of these. Made breakfasts so much easier. And I know she is full going to school with lots of energy.

  • SuzyWJ 

    The children found it very easy to make for themselves after school and they blended fresh berries or banana in as well. They enjoyed the taste. Thanks

  • jodi22j 
    Best Ever

    It really has been a blessing in the house the past week! My 4 yo hates breakfast can take her an hour to eat a piece of toast, have tried numerous things to give her and she is just not interested. These shakes arrived on Thursday and she has had them everyday since. Comes in a handy screw top container with the measuring spoon inside which is great as she can measure the spoons out. We have made it both in the blender and also in just a hand shaker cup and she has liked both. We used milk with ours. My daughter likes both flavours, she has the chocolate by itself or the vanilla we mix with banana and frozen berries. My other 2 children also tried and approved both. It will definately be a regular on my shopping list as it makes the morning run so much smoother 5 mins and breakfast is made and finished. Also keeps her full for a long time which is a bonus! Thank you so much

  • Nicki Warhurst 

    My 5 year old was very excited to try this and really enjoyed it. He liked that he had a ‘special’ drink and Mummy was pleased that her picky eater was getting some good nutrition and enjoying it at the same time. The packaging was clear and concise to read and the product was easy to use with directions to clearly marked. This product had less sugar than the usual drink of our choice so that was a bonus. I would purchase this product and recommend to family and friends.

  • Irinap
    Vanilla – the best !

    Vanilla – the best ! The packaging looks nice and I liked how it has the scoop inside . When I first opened it I though it smelled like flour however after I mixed it it smelled fine and tasted good. It tasted less vanillary than expected but it is still pleasing. The one thing I would change is maybe add more vanilla flavoring and decrease the amount of sugar. Otherwise it’s a great product and I will buy again.

  • sez857

    We received the chocolate and vanilla shake mix. We tried the chocolate one first mixed with milk and unfortunately my 4 year old was not so keen on the taste. We have since tried the vanilla one mixed into a smoothie and has gone down a treat would happily buy the vanilla one again.

  • aumgirlster 
    My thoughts

    So tried this on Mr 11. The initial response for the chocolate flavour was that he didn’t like it. Wasnt choclatey enough. Served it with a banana and some maple syrup in milk as a smoothie and all good Vanilla is enjoyed with frozen berries, banana and maple syrup or honey.

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