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Zeapure VitaScoop provides defined nutrition in a delicious supplemented food.

We understand the importance of great nutrition and know that a diet based on whole and less-processed foods is best. Fortunately New Zealand and Australia have a wide choice of wholefoods and less processed foods – typically enough to meet almost every dietary need. However, research consistently shows a gap between the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of vitamins and minerals, and actual consumption. Go to our Good Nutrition section to learn more.

Many adults eat too much of what they want and not enough of what they really need. This is clear from a multitude of surveys and research carried out both here and overseas. Food is typically regarded as fuel and not enough people appreciate the importance of a balanced diet, including consumption of your RDI of nutrients, every day.

Supporting your needs with supplements is a great way to be sure you’re getting what you need and to close the nutrition gap. But until recently the only way to take your vitamin and mineral supplements (VMS) was through pills, capsules and tablets. Unfortunately many manufacturers of VMS use excessive amounts of nutrients in their products. As a result much of what you ingest is either excreted or becomes unavailable as it is stored in body fat.

Did you Know?

  • Calcium dietary deficiency is very high in New Zealand and is experienced by 45% of males and an astonishing 73% of females**
  • Almost 40% of males consume inadequate amounts of zinc**
  • New Zealand soils are deficient in iodine and selenium, making it difficult to get your needs from fruit and vegetables. 45% of adults have insufficient selenium in their diets.**
  • 22.7% of adult males have an inadequate intake of vitamin A**
  • Thiamin (Vitamin B1) is under-consumed by 27.6% of females**
(* only the vitamins are not from a natural source. **data from the 2008/09 New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey)

Zeapure VitaScoop provides defined nutrition in a delicious supplemented food. It combines the natural nutrition of food through its dairy content, with vitamin and mineral fortification specifically designed for people 14 years and over. The premium dairy powder base makes Zeapure ideal for a healthy snack, at breakfast or lunch, in your favourite smoothie. You can add it to your baking: slices, muffins, cakes and more. Enjoy it with water or milk, hot or cold.

It’s made almost entirely from natural ingredients*, has zero added sugar or sweeteners, is 100% gluten free and has added fibre for supporting digestive health. Zeapure VitaScoop is a great way to supercharge your everyday!

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