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Challenged Eaters

The challenge of having a fussy eater

Most families have at least one challenged eater – someone who refuses to eat part of the common diet in that family. Habits can range from refusing specific foods at dinner time all the way to a condition known as Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), which can have a severe impact on their health and well-being.

Whatever the reasons for these fussy food choices, they are very hard to change. Most families opt to make up for any dietary shortcomings by changing the food on oer, or adding dietary supplements.

These supposed solutions often present their own problems. Adult supplements have probably not been formulated specifically for someone of the challenged eater’s stage of development. This means that the supplements they consume may still leave critical shortfalls in some nutrients, while oversupplying others.

By the way, as a parent, it is worth your while to keep a close eye on the sugar content of any food or drink supplements your teenager takes. Many of the offerings on the market contain shockingly high amounts of sugar.

Supplement tablets are also not the answer. They can be difficult to take and may form a lifetime habit of taking pills instead of eating or drinking something healthy.

With the introduction of Zeapure there finally is a way to help fussy eaters get the nutrition they need. Zeapure Shake Mix offers a carefully designed nutritional boost in a drink kids will want to drink for the refreshing taste.