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Zeapure FAQs

We’ve tried to answer as many of your questions as we can here – but if we don’t cover yours, drop us a line here or call us on 0800 Zeapure (932 787).

Who can use it

Q. Do all growing children need nutritional supplementation?

A. No. Children and teens who get a healthy, balanced diet would not need extra nutrition. However, research suggests that with the busy lifestyles, small appetites, dietary restrictions and easy access to highly processed foods, many children could benefit from a purpose-designed nutritional supplement such as Zeapure.

Q. How do I know if my child needs nutrition supplements?

A. You know your child best. If aspects of your child’s development, energy levels or eating habits worry you, your child may benefit from consuming Zeapure to top up their nutritional intake. We recommend that if you have concerns about your child’s nutrition, consult your doctor or qualified dietician or nutritionist.

Q. Why can’t I just give my child products made for adults?

A. Zeapure is the only nutritional top-up made specifically to meet the typical nutritional shortfalls children and teens experience. A product formulated for adults may provide more of some nutrients and not enough of others your child needs.

Q. Can adults also drink Zeapure?

A. Yes, but Zeapure is specifically formulated to meet the needs of the 4-13 and 14-18 age groups respectively. Therefore, adults may find that it’s not 100% ideal for their needs.

Q. Can my kid have Zeapure if they’re under 4 years old?

A. We adhere to the Supplement Foods standards, so don’t recommend this. The products are formulated for children over the age of four years.

Q. Does Zeapure contain all the nutrients my kids need?

A. No. Zeapure is not a meal replacement. Zeapure has been formulated as a nutritional top-up to offset the nutrient shortfalls children and teens may experience.

Food Issues and Allergens

Q. Does Zeapure contain any sugar?

A. Zeapure contains no added sugar or sweeteners. It does contain lactose, the principal sugar (or carbohydrate) naturally found in milk and dairy.  Depending on the flavour the lactose amount is between 6.03 – 6.6g per 100ml. Detailed nutritional information is on the labelling or you can find Kids Shake Mix info here and Teens Smoothie Kick info here.

Q. Why did you decide to base the product on dairy?

A. Winston Nutritional also produces infant formula and a wide range of dairy based supplements and nutritional products. This is our area of expertise and we have long and deep experience in this field.

Q. Does Zeapure contain food colouring?

A. Yes, there is naturally derived food colouring (from beetroot) in the Berry flavour and of course the cocoa powder in the Chocolate flavour provides colour.

Q. Does Zeapure use artificial flavours?

A. No – all Zeapure’s flavour is derived from natural ingredients.

Q. Is Zeapure Gluten Free?

A. Yes.

Q. Does Zeapure contain nuts?

A. No.

Q. Is Zeapure organic?

A. No.

Q. Does Zeapure contain eggs?

A. No.

How to use Zeapure

Q. Can my child have Zeapure every day?

A. Yes, although we recommend just one serving (two scoops) per day. Combined with other dietary sources, one serving could meet nutritional needs, so should not be exceeded.

Q. What is the recommended serving size?

A. One serving is two scoops, totalling 30g of powder.

Q. Can Zeapure be used to replace a meal?

A. Zeapure is not a meal replacement. Zeapure has been formulated as a nutritional top-up to offset the nutrient shortfalls children and teens may experience.

Q. What’s the best way to mix Zeapure?

A. Zeapure will dissolve in a glass of cold milk or water after about 20 seconds of stirring. It’s also great in smoothie, using a blender or shaker as well.

Q. Can I mix Zeapure with hot milk?

A. Yes you can, it tastes great that way!

Q. Can I sprinkle Zeapure on cereal?

A. Yes, sprinkling on cereal with milk adds nutrition to the meal.

Q. How do I store Zeapure?

A. Once opened, keep Zeapure in a cool, dry place and use within one month.

Q. How long will Zeapure last when unopened?

A. You can rely on Zeapure to remain in excellent condition on shelf at least until the expiry date that is clearly indicated on the packaging. This is 12 months from date of manufacture.

The Product

Q. What’s the difference between Zeapure Shake Mix and Zeapure Smoothie Mix?

A. Shake Mix is formulated to as a nutritional top-up for children aged 4 to 13. It is intended to be scooped into a glass and stirred, or combined into a shaker with water or milk. Smoothie Kick is formulated as a nutritional top-up for teens from 14 onwards. It’s ideal when added to smoothies and blended.

Q. What’s the difference between a shake and a smoothie?

A. A shake is typically made by adding the product to just milk or water and stirring or shaking it to mix. A smoothie typically contains fruit and other ingredients, and needs to combined in a blender.

Q. Are there any differences in the nutritional value of the different flavours?

A. There are no significant differences within each age tier ie Shake Mix and Smoothie Kick. The formulations for the different tiers do vary to account for the nutritional content created for Kids and Teens. Detailed nutritional information is on the labelling and website.

Q. Will you be making other flavours of Zeapure?

A. We are working on some other flavours, such as strawberry. We’d love to know what flavours you’d prefer!

Q. How do I know Zeapure is a healthy product?

A. Zeapure was developed by nutritionists and is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities. It meets the Supplemented Food standard, under the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ)