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Our Story

How Zeapure got started

The motivation to create Zeapure came from a very personal source: our kids.

When conceptualising this new nutritional range, we discovered that our team’s families have a surprising number of fussy eaters. Some with long term poor diets and some with outcomes in growth, health and development that were concerning. This was despite our best efforts as parents to overcome this challenge with them.

But we couldn’t see anything available that would get past that resistance to good nutrition. The choices our kids preferred weren’t attractive: sugar laden milk beverages masquerading as a healthy choice, chocolate drinks with zero health stars and big companies targeting kids with junk food. Providing vitamins and minerals via pills and capsules didn’t get past a week’s trial. But we knew that smoothies and shakes were easier to include in a regular diet for a picky eater. So, we thought why not make them more nourishing and ensure that the nutrients are suitable for the child’s age and stage.


That’s how we came up with the idea for Zeapure.

Where we work

The team behind Zeapure works at Winston Nutritional, an established producer of infant formula and nutritional supplements from New Zealand dairy sources.

Like all infant formula producers, we’re held to the highest quality standards in the food industry and audited consistently. We help feed the most vulnerable and important people on the planet: babies. So, from farm to family, we meet and exceed the requirements of food safety authorities in New Zealand and our export markets.

We’re really proud to play our part in the nutrition of families here in New Zealand as well as abroad.