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Zeapure VitaScoop Sample – 2 Sachet Packs

30g x 2 Packs (2 Servings)


Packs contain 1x Families Vanilla 30g sachet & 1x Kids Chocolate 30g sachet

Zeapure® VitaScoop™ for Families in tasty Pure Vanilla. We’ve blended New Zealand dairy powder with 15 vitamins & minerals, plus 11g of protein and Omega 3. It’s formulated for 14 years and over, so perfect for teens and adults. While Zeapure® VitaScoop™ for Kids in yummy Milk Chocolate. It’s made from premium dairy with 17 vitamins & minerals, plus Omega 3 and tailored for kids from 4 years and up. There are absolutely no added sugar or sweeteners and they’re almost entirely from natural ingredients.

Zeapure’s gluten-free, with no nasties like artificial colours or flavours, corn syrup or maltodextrin. Mix it with water or milk or add to a favourite smoothie for a healthy nutritional top up.

Natural Immunity Support from Selenium, Zinc, Vitamins A & C; Brain Function and Development from Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B12; Strong Bones from Calcium with Vitamin D

1 single serve per sachet; use your tablespoon at home and reduce plastic waste.

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Nutritional Information

Families Sachet Pack (Pure Vanilla):

Kids Sachet Pack (Milk Chocolate):

Vitamins & Minerals

Families Sachet Pack (Pure Vanilla):

Kids Sachet Pack (Milk Chocolate):


Families Sachet Pack (Pure Vanilla):

Kids Sachet Pack (Milk Chocolate):

Product Information


Mix one sachet (30g) daily with a glass (180ml) of milk or water, your favourite smoothie, or use as a breakfast topping.

We recommend one serving per day. Combined with other dietary sources, one serving could meet daily nutritional needs and so should not be exceeded.


Store out of direct sunlight in a cool and dry place.

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