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Shakes and Smoothies

All natural ingredients. Nothing artificial.

You don’t need to resort to anything artificial to improve your childrens’ diets.
Nature provides all the building blocks young people need to grow strong and healthy.
We have one range ideal for teens and another tailored for kids.

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At Zeapure, we believe in the value of natural food. That’s why we source only the highest quality all-natural ingredients and artfully combine them here in New Zealand to provide an effective nutrition top-up in a delicious smoothie mix.

The majority of processed food products from breakfast foods to snacks and drinks have added sugar or sweeteners. Their manufacturers know that this make them more appealing to young palates. Many of these products have levels of sugar well above the amount needed, yet still make bold health claims.

Being committed to natural healthy eating, we made the decision NOT to add sugar or anything artificial to Zeapure. Instead, we rely on the tastiest natural flavours to ensure that your children will love Zeapure Shake Mix and Smoothie Kick.

Try it. You’ll taste the difference!